Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This year has been different for me, in a good way. For a little while last year I lost track of my friends kids, and my friends have awesome kids! We all went from this great stage of having play dates and then having most of our activities include our children, to having teenagers! Suddenly, they became more independent and started doing their own things, without us - we still get together but everything became a girls night or a couples dinner and I really was missing their kids! So, this year, in addition to going to my kids events, I have been going to concerts, sporting events, art shows, plays and musicals that don't have any of my kids in them and I LOVE IT! The thing is, I love cheering, laughing and connecting with them, but more than anything I love seeing my friends in their kids. I love seeing a silly grin, a determined face, their not so little hands and I see my dear friend, and I remember all the times when those children's hands were so small and we would wonder about all the different things those hands would do as they became young adults. Now I have E's. little hands to watch and it makes me realize how fast the time goes and how little their hands used to be. Taking her to her music class, going to her school art show, spending time with her and watching her in her art class bring all the memories rushing back to me. So.... I am loving being the #1 fan, I am loving watching my friends watch their kids and listening to them cheer them on and knowing that, next to their mom and dad, nobody else at that game knows them or loves them as much as I do! So don't call me to volunteer for anything for a few years, there are some pretty special kids that I need to be with before they all head off to college! Gotta run - I think there is a soccer game tonight!

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  1. Really good inspiring articles L.
    How's the manual settings going? ;)

  2. Love your inspiring insights into life and of our most precious commodity......kids! Can't wait more your next blog!!


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