Monday, May 17, 2010

I walked in from my trip to Pittsburgh and said, "Short of landing the plane in the Hudson, was there anything that DIDN'T happen in transit?" No, I don't think there was.... phew - what a travel experience and you all know how much I LOVE crowds and conflict, well I have had my fill for a while thank you very much!
I have included a picture from Mother's Day - the peonies at my mom's house are something I remember from when I was very little, they have been in the corner of the back yard my whole life. I loved the day I would leave for school and they would be all tight and ready to burst and I just knew that by the time I walked home that afternoon they would be filling the whole back yard with their color and smell. Walking to and from school, what wonderful memories... flowers noticed, meeting friends at the corner, battles won and lost and the freedom, the freedom to not hurry, to take shortcuts, to have a few minutes before the day to just be kids. Not really happening in carpool. Isn't it funny how you go home and notice something that makes you take stock in the childhood of your own children.... peonies, those same bushes still blooming in the corner and still making me stop, notice, think and be thankful - thankful for my childhood, and they always bloom around Mother's Day - how cool is that!

OK - a couple of things I think you'll like....

If you ever go to Pittsburgh, you must visit the Mattress Factory and hope that this artist is still showing - I did a little laughing out loud.

My friend Heather (the Noticing Project) is pairing photos all week.

Two little clips - one about kindness and one with a sweet pair at the :20 mark and this one is a tear jerker, beware.

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  1. OH my gosh, I can't wait to hear what happened on your trip. You're back safely, so that's good eh?

    I've always wanted to go to the Mattress Factory.


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