Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Group Trip

There are 8 of us, we make up 4 couples. For the past 13 years each couple has taken turns planning a "group trip" - it is usually a long weekend, somewhere close and never without the most wonderful memories. There are some things about this group and these trips that I hope I never lose sight of or take for granted....
1. These women friends of mine married really cool guys and it is beyond fun to hang out with a group where everyone truly enjoys each other.
2. I have never come home from one of these trips feeling anything other than grateful - for the friendships, the time to relax and the memories.
3. It is a HUGE group effort to pull this off - there are 10 kids, 8 parents and 8 grandparents who all have to clear their schedule to make this happen. I have realized in the last few years that this trip is looked forward to by the kids and grandparents as much as it is by the parents. The reward from all the prep work is worth it - for everyone!
4. When we come home, our kids want to hear about the stories, the other adults, the activities. This trip is precious to them, too. They need to know the importance of dear friends and I love that this is the example they are seeing.
5. This group feels like family to me and feeling like family is probably the best feeling in the world!

All 4 couples are celebrating big wedding anniversaries this summer and on the way home B. and I wondered what our group trip will be like when we have been married 50 years..... whatever it is, I'm looking forward to it!

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