Monday, July 19, 2010

The Doobies

For Father's Day we gave Brian 2 tickets to the Doobie Brothers/Chicago concert at Starlight - I told him he could "take a friend". I honestly thought he would take Craigger, James K., Dana G. - you know, someone who shares the Doobie Love with him. He chose me. We were in a heat advisory when we left town for Starlight, the outdoor theatre.... it was not a dry heat. They wouldn't let me take my camera in because it has a detachable lens - I am just sick about that because B. became someone I have not known in the 24 years we have been together. At one point he leaned over to me and said, "Tell me one place you would rather be right now" and with that he was up - dancing, singing, sweating to the oldies. I thought of about 15 other places I would rather be and then promptly got up and joined in. I had to, I was the chosen friend and didn't want to disappoint. He was calling his "other" friends and holding up the phone, singing every word to every song and he knew what song was coming after the first 3 notes. For a little bit I sat there and thought, this could be a scene out of Seinfeld for a bad first date. But don't anybody worry, 10PM rolled around and, as usual, Brian started looking at his watch. Phew - he was back, and it was almost like they knew - 10:15 and the Doobies said their goodbyes..... it was either Takin' It To The Streets or Listen To The Music, it's all a blur.

Nothing has been uploaded from KC yet, but here is a clip from another city on this tour.... enjoy!

And here they are in their hey day....

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  1. Oh man, I'm just thinking about the heat and be surrounded by a crowd of sweaty Doobie fans and can't even take it. I hope you're someplace with a/c tonight.


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