Monday, July 26, 2010

summer toys

The things I remember playing with when I was little are the ones that were "homemade". The green stove and fridge that my dad built, the giant yellow smiley face floatie that we pulled behind the boat, the dollhouse, the treehouse and old metal slide, the ice skating rink that was erected each winter from wood and lined with a really strong tarp.... and of course the go-karts! The go-karts were not safe, we did not wear helmets, we flipped them, we wrecked into things and other people, we were reckless drivers and the mufflers got so hot that it would burn your skin off if you barely touched it. I know all of that and yet I have allowed one of them to be deliverd from my parents house to our house. B. and the kids are in the middle of "getting it going again"... whatever that means. It's funny, I don't want them to get hurt, I don't want them to wreck and I sure don't want them to hurt anyone else but I do want them to have stories. I love the memory of the go karts, I laugh thinking about all the neighbor kids, the near misses and even the direct hits. I worry that we have become this society of protecting our kids from so much that we are missing the chance for them to have stories. So I am allowing the go-kart, and I am hoping for some near misses and no direct hits!

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