Monday, July 12, 2010


This Colorado vacation was a good one, a really, really good one! We hiked, we rafted, we played games, we met some dear friends for a couple of the days, we laughed and we hung out together - no computers, no TV's, no carpools, and it was good. On our first hike M and B offered to carry the packs and Brian and I looked at each other and realized we had made it - after all those years of carrying the twins in backpacks on our shoulders and also carrying the packs full of lunches and other supplies on our fronts - this year was paydirt and we deserved it! I watched other families with young children going up and down and I remembered those days, we would each have a child in a carrier on our backs and when one twin would throw their sippy cup there was nothing we could do to help each other. I think we spent most of those early hikes doing squats up and down the mountain just picking up dropped items while the other parent would verbally guide... "It's a little to your left, now up about 3 inches, THERE!"

It is so fun to see how different our chidren are from each other. I asked Simon how he liked hiking, he was very kind and thoughtful when he told me that he really liked it, he just would like it to be a little more entertaining. The walking quietly and just looking around doesn't quite fit his idea of a "good time" - but having his brother and sister completely to himself sure made up for the lack of entertainment! Brandon is so content in the solitude and I think he could hike all day every day and never tire. Maddie loves the conversation while we hike, it is her time to get organized, make big plans and reveal any ideas she has in her head.

We are home for the summer now and that feels good, too!

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