Monday, August 2, 2010

Dinner Prayer

The twins were very small, maybe 18 months old, and we were in a Restoration Hardware store when I saw a little book filled with dinner prayers. I opened the book and the prayer that was on that page has been at our nightly dinner table for the past 14 years.

Thank you God for happy hearts
for rain and sunny weather.
Thank you God for this our food
and that we're all together.

Tonight one of my favorite things happened. The kids were all busy with friends and it was dinner time, of course all the friends were invited to stay and everyone was able. So we pulled up the extra chairs, set the extra place settings, cut the food into smaller portions, gathered around the table and we all said the prayer. That is when one of my favorite things happened... the prayer was loud, really loud, eight people speaking with confidence loud. Every child who is at our house on a regular basis knows that prayer and it makes them part of this family for that meal. The kids all smile the whole time we are saying it and you can tell it feels good to them, they are included here. So, the gathering, the cutting of portions, the dragging in new chairs and the cleaning up after dinner as a "family", those are all part of it, but the prayer, and the way they really emphasize the word ALL in the last sentence, that is what does it for me.

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