Monday, August 9, 2010

Our shells.

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There is a pine tree in our front yard and every morning we check to see how many more cicadas have left their shells clinging to the trunk. They are so loud right now that we can hear their song over the whirring of the fans, the AC and our own voices. I took this picture looking straight up the tree, you can see the other shells holding on tight above this one.

Funny thing these cicadas and this time of year - the kids are moving on to a new school year and leaving their shell, it is time, they have grown, they are ready. Their newly grown selves know it is time, yet their shells are holding on tight to the last of summer, clinging to home for these last few days, not quite ready to burst. The three of them collect these fragile shells off of the tree trunk, they keep them safe, they inspect every bit of them. And in my heart I collect my childrens shells from this summer, I keep them safe and I will inspect every bit of them during the first few weeks of school when it is too quiet around here. But right now, just like the cicadas, the "volume" is increasing and then decreasing and as the last week of summer slips away, the increasing is longer and louder each night. I am once again in awe of the connection we have to this great big world.

I was looking at this picture and noticed the spider... again. There must be a spider theme this summer - hmmmmm, what might that mean? (click on the photo to spy the spider)

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