Friday, August 13, 2010

the third cup of coffee

I start my day with two cups of coffee, there are occasions that require the third cup and none of those occasions are ones that are very pleasant, except today. I got the 2:30 AM tap today, then one that startles you out of your skin for a moment until your body launches into kid with stomach flu mode. This was different, the 15 year old boy tapped me and whispered, "let's go", the 11 year old was standing next to him. We softly walked through the house, out into his car and we headed straight for the country road. We pulled off to the side and with our necks arched upward we waited, and once our eyes were adjusted to the darkness we watched in wonder - the meteors. On the drive there, the 11 year old boy asked what a meteor looked like, we told him we couldn't explain it, he would just know when he saw one. He saw one, "WOW - you're right, you can't explain it, you just have to see it". Some were but little specks, others were medium and then just as we were ready to head home there was a big one that was lit for several seconds. Under the breath of the oldest one I heard, "cool" - and with that we headed home, his head hanging out the window the whole way, looking up and still catching glimpses. My third cup of coffee was a welcome one.... this time.


  1. What an AWESOME mom you are! What memories you made with your kids last night :)

  2. That's really awesome you did that, I'm sure they'll remember it so well.
    (I saw one the other night and it seemed like a gift.)


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