Thursday, September 9, 2010

back in the classroom

This year I plan to take more pictures of the children to give to the parents, I think they will love seeing what their children are doing when they aren't with them.
I was in awe of the bravery of one little boy and his mom today as she dropped him off for his first day of school, they have lived in the US for 3 months and do no speak english.... yet. The little boy was so very scared, crying and not wanting to let go of his mother - she felt the same way and then she very bravely kissed him, hugged him and handed him to me. I tried to put myself in her shoes, could I move from here to Korea and be that brave, that trusting? Could I take that leap and do what is so hard even though I know it is going to be important in the long run? All of these parents are doing just that: taking a leap, being brave, trusting.
So this year I'll take more pictures for the parents and I'll put myself in their shoes more often, too.

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