Friday, September 24, 2010

the gamble

This week was not an easy one, it was filled with big decisions, long meetings that were followed by deep thinking, full moon induced tears AND the kind of parenting that is really hard - saying no because you know it is the absolute right thing to do but knowing it will make your teenager really upset. The kind that leaves you wondering if you played the right card or not.
The Fear: We have always told our kids to be honest, so when he comes to me honestly, with his plans and we say no, will he be honest the next time?
The Faith: When we are honest in return, tell him no, that it's not OK, he hears us, understands our values so the next time he is able to make the decision on his own without needing our guidance. Isn't that the goal by the time they leave our home, to have a foundation and be able to make choices based on that?
The Truth: It would be much easier to just say yes, to not have to argue, not worry if this is the start of a few years of constant battling. If that is the route I take, his foundation is flawed. I am willing to put up with some rough days during this time of his life if it means it will help him be solid later. Sometimes good parenting feels really crummy!

I'm looking forward to the weekend! I have this movie, now I just need to find some time.

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  1. I can't even imagine how hard that was. I have a hard enough telling Kohen that No, he can't have another juice box or NO I'm not going to sleep in your bed with you tonight!


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