Sunday, September 19, 2010


We have taken the kids to pick apples every fall, today was the day this year. We tried a new orchard (to us),and I think this might be my favorite. It is not one that has many activities for little kids, but it was perfect for the age we have. Cider slushes, picnic tables, ducks and dogs. When the youngest one walked away we thanked the teenagers, they always make these days so much fun for him. They have done this more times than he has, and they could act bored or not interested, but they don't and because they don't, it makes the experience the same for the youngest child as it was for the oldest, and for that I am very grateful. They listened, smiled and told us they still love doing these things. I'll let you know how much they love it when we're all out raking leaves together :)!

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  1. You have an awesome family! I am not at all surprised that B and M played along and even enjoyed family time! What fun!


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