Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I do this every year, I miss summer with all my heart, I watch my family get back into their routines and I notice changes in each and every one of them. It always makes me wonder how a simpler, slower life would change who we are as a family. The summer gives me a little glimpse, I think we read more, I know we are together more and our days are not as connected to technology in the summer. The changes I notice aren't necessarily my favorite characteristics: one gets moody, another is awfully nervous, one is crazy busy and another is more distant. These things make us work on our relationships, they help us to help each other and they enable growth. I do recognize that and I also recognize that we can't live in a bubble, but wow, this transition time makes me want to pack up, head for the hills and slow down, ease into life instead of the rushing. I read this article recently and it really made me think about this topic... even more than I already was!

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  1. That article really has me thinking Leslie. Thank you for the link. I believe I want to share the article on my blog too.


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