Sunday, October 24, 2010


When we had the twins everyone said it would be hard if one had success at something and the other one didn't.  How would we handle that, what would we say?  I have always thought that was one of the great things about being a twin, learning to handle disappointment with grace.  Yesterday was the Regional Cross Country meet, a qualifier for the State meet next weekend.  In order to make it to State, runners have to finish in the top 10 or qualify as a team.  It's pretty amazing how things always seem to work themselves out - I went into the meet thinking that B would have a hard time qualifying and M would breeze into the top 10.  I had prepared a pep talk, thought about how we would deal with it at home all week leading up to State, and I was also interested to see how they would deal with it.   Instead, I was humbled.  M ran first and finished 11th, she did not think she would be going to State.  B ran next and finished 7th - his biggest fan on the course was M.  She was hurting, tired and disappointed but at every turn I could see her cheering, pushing him and wanting it for him so badly.  He finished 7th, qualifying easily and hugging her.... huge.  I never ask what they say to each other in those moments when one is disappointed and the other makes it OK.   I've been told before, "It's a twin thing, you wouldn't understand", and that's OK with me.

The good news that we found out hours after the races, the team qualified so they are both going.

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  1. This post gave me goosebumps. I've always known your kids were awesome people and this just proves it. How wonderful!


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