Saturday, October 16, 2010


The guys were gone, so M and I spent the weekend together - just the two of us.  We watched 3 movies:  Sixteen Candles, Easy A and It's Kind of a Funny Story.  We did a little shopping, we ate out every meal except breakfast.  We laughed, talked, baked/ate cookies and had a really grand time together.  I offered that she could have all her girlfriends over for movies and a sleepover, she could invite someone to come with us, she could go out with her friends.... she wanted to spend the time with just me.  She's 15, she is so fun to hang out with and I was one lucky mama this weekend!
These teenage years are many things, but one of those is the slow realization that it is working, the foundation you have spent years building is taking shape and these young adults living with you are moving towards being able to do this on their own.  That is a good feeling, not sad or lonely, but a really good feeling.
We both decided that we need more girls weekends, I'm in every time.  The laundry can wait!

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