Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Today I took all 3 kids home to help my parents get ready for Thanksgiving.  They had the option to stay here if they were not able to commit to about 3 hours of work.... not play.  My childhood home, "grandma and grandpa's house", is entering new territory in our family history.   I grew up with only a grandma, my grandpa died too soon.  My mom grew up with only a grandma, same story, too soon.  My kids are growing up with grandparents, their home that still hosts holidays, the two of them still engaged, involved, and active.  So for the first time in our family history, our sense of home and family is going through a normal progression.  The home I currently live in feels like home to me.  My childhood home feels full of memories, stories and love, it holds treasures from generations past, but it also feels like the kind of home I see mine becoming.  For the first time we have a model, the foundation for family can grow wider, deeper, stronger.   We are thankful people, we have family - a full, strong and really good people kind of family.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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