Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The picture and the truth

the picture is nice, here is the truth:

the advent wreath - they all laughed and snickered and drove me crazy during the reading tonight.... nobody listened.

the lights you see out the window - only half of my house is lit with lights tonight, 2nd time this week and it's only Tuesday.

the boy - you can't see him. but he is there. to the right of the wreath. studying for a test tomorrow. that he forgot about... a big test and I'm sure he won't do well at this point.

the oven - has FROZEN GROCERY STORE PIZZA in it and burnt breadsticks.  at least the salad looks good.

me - i sat through an entire basketball game with only one dangly earring, no idea where the other one is.  also, i'm tired, the Christmas kind of tired, and it's not even december yet.

Tonight I'm grateful that I'm ok with the truth, it takes a long time to get here and it is a good place to be.

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  1. This was truly your best post yet. Everyone loves a little dose of reality because it makes the rest of us feel like maybe we're all really in the same boat :)
    Get some rest and take it easy on yourself!


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