Friday, December 31, 2010

goodbye 2010

goodbye 2010
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When it ends with good friends, good wine and lots and lots of laughter i can't help but feel good about 2011. We have some really great friends/neighbors - we all got to their house at 6:30, had a wonderful time and then everyone left by 10 to go home and join their kids for games, etc. Ours each had one friend over, they set the dining room table for a fancy meal and the 6 of them sat together over Chinese food while we were at our party. It is so nice that they all really like each other's friends. They will all spend the night and wake up to cinnamon/pecan waffles.
2011 - we are so ready for you!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

right now

there is a fire in the woodstove
we have cleaned out closets, basement, garage
we are still talking about Christmas, how much fun it was and still repeating one liners that only family would think was funny
we are relaxing, playing games, asking each other what day it is, taking naps
we are busy, but it is the restful busy.
tonight B and I have dinner with some longtime friends downtown, M is baking something... again, the boys are going between playing outside and playing inside. their friends are coming and going all day and all evenings.
i haven't taken down the Christmas decorations yet, and that's OK.
i have decided to TRY the picture each day, 365 project, over on flickr, starting Jan. 1.
i think i will try to think of a theme, a saying, a way of living for 2011 instead of a to do list of resolutions

enjoy the rest of your break... and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I wasn't sure I had time for this today, but seeing how much fun they were having, and getting a really good photo of a longtime friend and myself made the trip worthwhile.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

holiday traditions

This weekend was the unofficial start of Christmas around here.  Three long standing annual traditions.  The first was a pancake breakfast with a group of longtime friends and all of our kids.  We have done this every year since the oldest ones were toddlers, all the kids draw names, we go to the same house, have the same menu and spend some much needed time together.  The kids and dads all go and have a great time, of course we moms all have hopes that it will continue when kids come home from college, etc.  This is one of those traditions that just gets better with time.

Today we put our tree up, the star on top is always the highlight.  Each year one of the kids gets a turn to place it on the top, we keep track in Sharpie on the back of the star.... 2010, this is Brandon's year.  This marks the first time he hasn't had to be held up there, I wasn't quite ready for what that would feel like.

And tonight, friends that are like family were at our house.  Each year everyone gets in their PJ's, they bring the pizza and the DVD, we make the Hot Cocoa bar with all the toppings.  Each year it is the same movie, The Polar Express, and each year we serve the hot chocolate during this song.  Unfortunately, this will the be year remembered as the time someone "got sick".  But hey, what great tradition doesn't have the year someone "got sick" as part of its history.

I hope your weekend was full of memories, traditions and good times.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

pre-school lesson

This is the season of giving, of connecting, of taking care of each other and those in need.  What happens when those in need help you?  I teach a group of pre-schoolers from Head Start, a Federally Funded program that provides a tuition free pre-school education for those living at a certain percentage below the poverty level.  They come to the Art Center once a week and this week it was cold, very cold outside.  Several of the kids were dressed in light jackets or just sweatshirts, no mittens, hats or scarves.  Some wore no socks, but,  all had huge smiles and excited faces, they had a surprise for me, a gift they had made as a class.  It was wrapped and they were holding it out to me, eager to give and wanting me to open it right away.  A quilt: a soft, warm, handmade quilt.  It took my breath away.  They need a warm blanket, I don't.  But this wasn't about the blanket, it was about the giving.  These children saw my tears of gratitude, tears of wonder and they felt that amazing feeling that comes from giving a gift of love to someone you don't really know and I felt that amazing feeling of receiving it.

And while we're talking about pre-school.... today was the graham cracker house day at the school where I teach.  This guy made me chuckle -

And look at these with all the decorations and also the birdseye view of our village.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I had dinner with some good friends last night at The Burger Stand.  The best part about the night was that we didn't talk about Christmas until the very end of the night.  It was a nice little break from it all.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

drastic changes

When I went to run early this morning it was 49 degrees, 4 hours later it is 27 and falling. I went to bed with no blooms, this morning, these. Some drastic changes I like better than others.

Friday, December 10, 2010

little one

I have 19 of these, ready for frames to send home to their families. They are so little and it makes me miss that age, terribly, especially during this time of year. I've become one of those women who tell people to enjoy their little children, they grow up so fast.
Also, I'm stopping by this tomorrow and really looking forward to it.
And - bought tickets to this for next Friday, join us if you are local!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

cherry on top

cherry on top
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As I was leaving work yesterday, a couple of ladies were getting birthday treats ready for a 100 year old's birthday party. On the drive home I thought about it and I wondered what that would feel like, to live to be 100. I decided that it is a little too much to think about right now, so let's just enjoy the cupcakes and see what happens.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


First weekend of December, you were a good one.

Went to Olpe, KS friday night for a basketball game.  Population 514, small town charm, Main street Christmas lights and dinner here! Oh yes I did!

Had good friends over Saturday night for good wine, great conversation.  I love these people - they come over and I swear I don't ever think that I need to pick up, or even change my clothes.  They are good people and the time spent is genuine, Holiday Cheer at it's best.

A family dinner at mom and dad's house.  The stockings were hung - mine was made 44 years ago, I love it.  I remember wiggling the garland when I was a little girl.  Also, I have always loved the fruit in the train.  I thought today, this stocking looks vintage, I wonder what that makes me.

And finally, our Christmas village is set up in our sunroom.  Today I told my family that the little people in it talked to me and told me they wanted a school.  Here is how I know they think I might be crazy:  I watched them look at each other and then smile at me with that look like they were agreeing with me, you know the look, the one that says, "We all know the truth but we're going to let you believe your version."  So I went with it!  


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

birthday tradition

I have a special tradition, there is a medium sized orange box down in the basement that has "special to me" ornaments, my faves. Every year, on my birthday, I bring it upstairs and hang them on my mantle. Today was that day.  I do this while they are all at school, I keep the box in a special place on the shelf and I take my time hanging them.  Some are from memorable trips, others are from dear friends and some are just ones I really love.  

Christmas is full of traditions, birthdays make you think about your life, your friends, your family.  I love that I get to start the Christmas season with a birthday - it puts it all in perspective, right from the start.  I hope your holiday season is filled with traditions, and more than anything, I hope you're able to take some time and enjoy them.

I'll be back here this month with some of ours.