Sunday, December 19, 2010

holiday traditions

This weekend was the unofficial start of Christmas around here.  Three long standing annual traditions.  The first was a pancake breakfast with a group of longtime friends and all of our kids.  We have done this every year since the oldest ones were toddlers, all the kids draw names, we go to the same house, have the same menu and spend some much needed time together.  The kids and dads all go and have a great time, of course we moms all have hopes that it will continue when kids come home from college, etc.  This is one of those traditions that just gets better with time.

Today we put our tree up, the star on top is always the highlight.  Each year one of the kids gets a turn to place it on the top, we keep track in Sharpie on the back of the star.... 2010, this is Brandon's year.  This marks the first time he hasn't had to be held up there, I wasn't quite ready for what that would feel like.

And tonight, friends that are like family were at our house.  Each year everyone gets in their PJ's, they bring the pizza and the DVD, we make the Hot Cocoa bar with all the toppings.  Each year it is the same movie, The Polar Express, and each year we serve the hot chocolate during this song.  Unfortunately, this will the be year remembered as the time someone "got sick".  But hey, what great tradition doesn't have the year someone "got sick" as part of its history.

I hope your weekend was full of memories, traditions and good times.

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