Thursday, December 16, 2010

pre-school lesson

This is the season of giving, of connecting, of taking care of each other and those in need.  What happens when those in need help you?  I teach a group of pre-schoolers from Head Start, a Federally Funded program that provides a tuition free pre-school education for those living at a certain percentage below the poverty level.  They come to the Art Center once a week and this week it was cold, very cold outside.  Several of the kids were dressed in light jackets or just sweatshirts, no mittens, hats or scarves.  Some wore no socks, but,  all had huge smiles and excited faces, they had a surprise for me, a gift they had made as a class.  It was wrapped and they were holding it out to me, eager to give and wanting me to open it right away.  A quilt: a soft, warm, handmade quilt.  It took my breath away.  They need a warm blanket, I don't.  But this wasn't about the blanket, it was about the giving.  These children saw my tears of gratitude, tears of wonder and they felt that amazing feeling that comes from giving a gift of love to someone you don't really know and I felt that amazing feeling of receiving it.

And while we're talking about pre-school.... today was the graham cracker house day at the school where I teach.  This guy made me chuckle -

And look at these with all the decorations and also the birdseye view of our village.

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