Wednesday, December 29, 2010

right now

there is a fire in the woodstove
we have cleaned out closets, basement, garage
we are still talking about Christmas, how much fun it was and still repeating one liners that only family would think was funny
we are relaxing, playing games, asking each other what day it is, taking naps
we are busy, but it is the restful busy.
tonight B and I have dinner with some longtime friends downtown, M is baking something... again, the boys are going between playing outside and playing inside. their friends are coming and going all day and all evenings.
i haven't taken down the Christmas decorations yet, and that's OK.
i have decided to TRY the picture each day, 365 project, over on flickr, starting Jan. 1.
i think i will try to think of a theme, a saying, a way of living for 2011 instead of a to do list of resolutions

enjoy the rest of your break... and Happy New Year!

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