Sunday, December 5, 2010


First weekend of December, you were a good one.

Went to Olpe, KS friday night for a basketball game.  Population 514, small town charm, Main street Christmas lights and dinner here! Oh yes I did!

Had good friends over Saturday night for good wine, great conversation.  I love these people - they come over and I swear I don't ever think that I need to pick up, or even change my clothes.  They are good people and the time spent is genuine, Holiday Cheer at it's best.

A family dinner at mom and dad's house.  The stockings were hung - mine was made 44 years ago, I love it.  I remember wiggling the garland when I was a little girl.  Also, I have always loved the fruit in the train.  I thought today, this stocking looks vintage, I wonder what that makes me.

And finally, our Christmas village is set up in our sunroom.  Today I told my family that the little people in it talked to me and told me they wanted a school.  Here is how I know they think I might be crazy:  I watched them look at each other and then smile at me with that look like they were agreeing with me, you know the look, the one that says, "We all know the truth but we're going to let you believe your version."  So I went with it!  


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