Sunday, January 30, 2011


This weekend in one word.....  basketball.

We all went to Maddie's game on Friday night.  I left that game feeling so good, so grateful, despite the big loss.  Once your kids reach a certain age, there are some things you have no control over.  Friends - one of those things.  Sure, you continue to model, you support their decisions, but you can't pick their friends.  As I sat at her game and watched her good friends walk in, I was filled with gratitude.  They are all so comfortable in their own skin, there is none of the teenage drama, they are old souls.  This group will be there for her, and she for them, no question in my mind.

Saturday morning - ESPN was in town.  Not so much my thing, but when you are a mom and all of your kids are so excited, you get on board.  I was in for all the "hoop"la.  Simon, the youngest, go to be the ball boy Saturday night and some really good people had a Simon watch party at their house.

And Sunday, PJ's and Words with Friends.  This boy, our oldest, he is an in my PJ's, get comfortable, be at home guy.  When he was in Kindergarten he would get home from school and run upstairs to change into his PJ's for the afternoon.  One day I was picking up their room and couldn't find his PJ's anywhere. When he got home that day, ran upstairs and came down in them, I asked where they had been.  His answer: "On me, I don't take them off to go to school, I just put my clothes on over them."  

I hope you weekend is "comfortable".  We're looking for more snow this week.

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