Friday, February 11, 2011

coffee shop

In general, I don't need much.  It is pretty easy for me to go without something if I need to.  Things are pretty laid back around here...... except for my coffee.  I have a favorite shop and a favorite blend, I might be a coffee snob.  Maybe I am wrong about this, but I think that might surprise the people who know me?

It's Friday, and I love Saturday mornings with my coffee, so today I took my camera when I went to buy my beans.  Coffee snob and weirdo picture taker in busy public places, still my friend?

As long as we're talking about coffee.... we were with a group of friends recently and somehow our morning coffee routines, as couples, starting being discussed.  I thought it was very sweet that each of us had rituals.  The one at our house is simple, no words are spoken.  I make the coffee at night before we go to bed and I set the timer so it is ready when we wake.  He gets up and sets my cup out for me every morning, he knows the cup I like.  On Valentine's Day, there is usually a little note by it.

Enjoy your weekend.  Warm weather is on the horizon around here.


  1. That is my favorite coffee shop too!!!!

  2. Yes, still your friend. :)
    So what is your favorite blend? When I drank coffee, my fave was Ethiopian.

  3. J and S blend is my favorite.... by far!


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