Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I was checking my e-mail yesterday and one popped up from a very close high school friend, his father has suffered a major stroke and won't survive.  Stewart has flown home from L.A. and was wanting to reach out to old friends, those who knew and loved his dad.  I went and sat with them for a few hours last night, Stewart hasn't left his bed or let go of his hand for 48 hours.  We talked, laughed, cried, told stories, retold the memory makers and it was good.   His parents are very active in their community, they have great support and friends, everyone knows and loves them both.
The part that had me thinking on the way home was this....  Stewart was reaching out to his high school friends, we haven't been together in 25 years but we are his friends who really know his dad.  His current friends know his parents, see his parents and interact with them, but we really know them.  We spent so much time with them, they were a part of the "village" that raised us, they invested in us and we in them.  Those friends are exactly who I would want to reach out to during a crisis with my parents.

So - shift to this house,  there is a group of kids whose "village" I am a part of, who I spend so much time with and who have so many stories with us and my kids with their parents,  these are the ones who will be reaching for each other later in life.  Even though their paths will go different ways, all it will take is a phone call or an e-mail and they will drop everything and be there, in a heartbeat.  As I drove home last night I was thinking about how important that time of our lives was, how we didn't even know how important it was until we became adults.  The kids in this house, they don't know that either, but they are building life friends.

I thanked Ed for that last night, for being part of the "village", for spending time with us, for thinking we were really funny.  And you know, the older you get, the more you can get a message out of death.... so from Ed the message is to keep helping your kids grow those friends and create those memories.


  1. Oh boy Leslie. Such a poignant and beautiful thought.

    Having read this, I'm just going to walk it off for a while, but I'm so grateful that you wrote it.

    Much much love to you

    - Stewart

  2. I am sorry to hear about Stewart's dad. He was always such a great man and had an awesome sense of humor. It is hard at our age when these kind of things happen. My thoughts and prayers are with Stewart, his mom and siblings.

  3. Such a great post and so true. So thankful to have you part of our village and be part of yours. What a wonderful keepsake picture for your friend can feel the love looking at it.

  4. OOPS that second anonymous is from cathy wolff anderson. I hit the wrong key on my lap top


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