Thursday, April 28, 2011


It's almost here... May!  Things are beginning to ramp up everywhere I go - pre-school, home, kids' schools, B's schools..... yikes.  I look forward to all the "last things" - last games, last concerts, last clay projects, last tests, last meetings for the year, last days of school.  But I'll confess, I have always been the mom who also has that pit in my stomach every year, that feeling of impending doom.  My kids are good at routine, I'm sure I am to blame!  When the twins were born, a routine was the only way I could function, and so routine it was.  This transition from school, routine, schedule to summer has always been a hard one for me, how will it look, how do we ease out of routine and into this much needed time of relaxation?  It had never been easy, until last year.  I think we have all hit that good age, down time no longer translates into chaos.  Last summer was just about the best and I'm riding that memory into this one.  I feel eager for it to get here, excited for the time with these people, the down time and the up time.  I won't lie, I haven't fully embraced shopping for my new swimsuit, but all the rest of it is looking good... especially the putting my feet up part.

Friday, April 22, 2011

friday night

Friday night - teenagers in the treehouse with blankets, they cooked butterscotch pie and are waiting for it to cool, they called Grandma for the recipe, Stations of the Cross at church - I cry every year, a "new to me" leather couch thrifted from a friend who is moving, an extremely productive day. 
Truly, a Good Friday.
My favorite Good Friday hymn, can we agree, nobody sings it like Johnny and the Carter sisters!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Brunch, next door.

Every year my 80+ year old neighbor has the neighbor ladies for brunch. Her house is like a museum of grandma goodness. This year I took my camera, her house is a neighborhood memory, every inch is filled with something that leaves you feeling nostalgic.
She came up with a plan today, to get her 80+ year old husband to let go of the mowing in the heat of Kansas summer. She thinks that if she tells him that he would really be helping my son get his business going, he would feel better about having someone else mow. I'm skeptical, Colonel Wondrack is not one to go down easily.

Here are few photos from inside her house....

these red jars are collected from every state and are on shelves all over the house. there must be some kind of story/name for these, right?

Her candy jars are filled every holiday with themed candy. I remember when my kids were little she would let them come in and pick from one, I will never forget their eyes - every time.

Wooden molds on her kitchen wall. And, one of her many needlepoints that she has finished, framed and hung.

Her table today.

Friday, April 15, 2011

coming clean...

I may not get the mom of the year award, but at least we have fun!  Simon likes adventure, excitement, thrills.  Every year when the lilacs bloom he and I pick a night to go "gather" some blooms.  Wait, before you scowl or turn up your nose..... I swear to you I NEVER take any from a park, someone's yard or garden - I only cut from the wild ones out in the country and I only get enough to fill one vase in my house.  Here is the problem, I might talk it up to make Simon think it's a big risk.... no harm in that, right?  WRONG!  Last night was the annual adventure and I told Simon that this time he could cut a couple instead of his usual role as "lookout",  if he was really fast.  I thought he would run out, be scared out of his mind, hop in the car and say let's go home..... you know, get it out of his system.  Instead, he hopped out, cut 2 stems, hopped in and exclaimed to me - with crazy eyes, I might add - "That felt good!! Let's go get some more!!" Ughhhhh.  Don't worry, we came straight home and I had to eat crow in front of Brian, tell Simon how wrong it was of me, blah, blah, blah.  But the lilacs do smell nice.

Have a nice weekend, I'm going to try to keep it under control over here and maybe go out and actually BUY a lilac bush for our yard.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Brian and I got away for the weekend, to visit a college friend in Napa Valley, California!  Yep - we flew out early Friday morning and flew home late Sunday night.  It was wonderful, both here and there.  My mom and dad stayed with the kids and I am pretty sure that all of them had equal amounts of fun - I have come to realize that sometimes having the parents gone is just as much fun for the grandparents as it is the kids, and that's a good thing.   They are on duty for another weekend in July and they have a Kansas road trip in mind......

Here are some pictures I took, I really didn't get the best shots over the weekend.  The catching up came first and the eating and drinking came second, the camera was a distant third.

 The garden that belongs to French Laundry Restaurant.
 Mumm Vinyard - beautiful, beautiful
 Farmstead Restaurant
heading home with a box of wine and several more in the suitcase :)!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I haven't posted for a little while.  We are in our transition.... between seasons, between sports, wrapping up school years and schools.  We are loving the longer days, the blue sky and the color that is popping out. B and I are taking a little trip this weekend, I'll fill you in on the details next week.  So excited!
And speaking of so excited -

Heather's new project.... the woodblock cards - love!

Straws for the summer.

If I still had little kids, I would be getting these.

And for Mother's Day for me.... the April color of the month hint, hint - I know you read this.