Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Brunch, next door.

Every year my 80+ year old neighbor has the neighbor ladies for brunch. Her house is like a museum of grandma goodness. This year I took my camera, her house is a neighborhood memory, every inch is filled with something that leaves you feeling nostalgic.
She came up with a plan today, to get her 80+ year old husband to let go of the mowing in the heat of Kansas summer. She thinks that if she tells him that he would really be helping my son get his business going, he would feel better about having someone else mow. I'm skeptical, Colonel Wondrack is not one to go down easily.

Here are few photos from inside her house....

these red jars are collected from every state and are on shelves all over the house. there must be some kind of story/name for these, right?

Her candy jars are filled every holiday with themed candy. I remember when my kids were little she would let them come in and pick from one, I will never forget their eyes - every time.

Wooden molds on her kitchen wall. And, one of her many needlepoints that she has finished, framed and hung.

Her table today.

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