Friday, April 15, 2011

coming clean...

I may not get the mom of the year award, but at least we have fun!  Simon likes adventure, excitement, thrills.  Every year when the lilacs bloom he and I pick a night to go "gather" some blooms.  Wait, before you scowl or turn up your nose..... I swear to you I NEVER take any from a park, someone's yard or garden - I only cut from the wild ones out in the country and I only get enough to fill one vase in my house.  Here is the problem, I might talk it up to make Simon think it's a big risk.... no harm in that, right?  WRONG!  Last night was the annual adventure and I told Simon that this time he could cut a couple instead of his usual role as "lookout",  if he was really fast.  I thought he would run out, be scared out of his mind, hop in the car and say let's go home..... you know, get it out of his system.  Instead, he hopped out, cut 2 stems, hopped in and exclaimed to me - with crazy eyes, I might add - "That felt good!! Let's go get some more!!" Ughhhhh.  Don't worry, we came straight home and I had to eat crow in front of Brian, tell Simon how wrong it was of me, blah, blah, blah.  But the lilacs do smell nice.

Have a nice weekend, I'm going to try to keep it under control over here and maybe go out and actually BUY a lilac bush for our yard.

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