Thursday, April 28, 2011


It's almost here... May!  Things are beginning to ramp up everywhere I go - pre-school, home, kids' schools, B's schools..... yikes.  I look forward to all the "last things" - last games, last concerts, last clay projects, last tests, last meetings for the year, last days of school.  But I'll confess, I have always been the mom who also has that pit in my stomach every year, that feeling of impending doom.  My kids are good at routine, I'm sure I am to blame!  When the twins were born, a routine was the only way I could function, and so routine it was.  This transition from school, routine, schedule to summer has always been a hard one for me, how will it look, how do we ease out of routine and into this much needed time of relaxation?  It had never been easy, until last year.  I think we have all hit that good age, down time no longer translates into chaos.  Last summer was just about the best and I'm riding that memory into this one.  I feel eager for it to get here, excited for the time with these people, the down time and the up time.  I won't lie, I haven't fully embraced shopping for my new swimsuit, but all the rest of it is looking good... especially the putting my feet up part.

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