Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Brian and I got away for the weekend, to visit a college friend in Napa Valley, California!  Yep - we flew out early Friday morning and flew home late Sunday night.  It was wonderful, both here and there.  My mom and dad stayed with the kids and I am pretty sure that all of them had equal amounts of fun - I have come to realize that sometimes having the parents gone is just as much fun for the grandparents as it is the kids, and that's a good thing.   They are on duty for another weekend in July and they have a Kansas road trip in mind......

Here are some pictures I took, I really didn't get the best shots over the weekend.  The catching up came first and the eating and drinking came second, the camera was a distant third.

 The garden that belongs to French Laundry Restaurant.
 Mumm Vinyard - beautiful, beautiful
 Farmstead Restaurant
heading home with a box of wine and several more in the suitcase :)!

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