Tuesday, May 10, 2011

365 project

I started taking a picture each day for a year on January 1st.  It has been really fun, but more than that, it makes me look at things differently all day.  I notice more, I spend a little more time looking at things than I did before this project and most nights when I look at my choices, it is hard to decide on just one photo.  It also helps me appreciate each season, to be aware of the changes, to embrace the unexpected and be thankful and anticipate the return of the things that are expected.
Today was a perfect example.  I had my camera along when I took a group of boys to baseball practice, thinking it would be a great opportunity for some photos.  When I got in the dugout I noticed a Robin nest up in the corner, the bucket of baseballs out in the sunlight and the vast spread of cars in the junkyard right next to the field.  No photos of baseball players, but I loved the shots I ended up with.  Not what I expected,  but really happy with the outcome.

You can see the rest of my 365 set of pictures by clicking on the link to the right.  (My 365 set on flickr)

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