Thursday, May 19, 2011

gainfully employed

Brandon has been mowing yards for some time now, but this year he has actually turned this into a job.  He has "regulars" each week and plenty of temporary jobs while people are travelling.  Last night he took Simon with him to one of his original regulars to train him so he could help a little more.  I look forward to the day that Simon realizes how lucky he is to have a big brother like Brandon, he idolizes him now, but I mean really realizes it.  I am guessing that will be when he has kids of his own.  So Brandon is off and running, making gas and Chipotle money.
Maddie has been trying for about 3 months to find a job that is steady.  She loves to babysit, and will continue to do that, but she was wanting something consistent, that she could plan on getting a paycheck.  So she has been picking up applications, turning in applications, making follow up calls and has had no luck!  Until yesterday - she went and picked up an application at a restaurant here in town on Monday, came home and filled it out right away and then went directly back to turn it in to the manager.  When she got home she was so excited, she had an interview Wednesday at 2:30!  I was sick to my stomach all day yesterday, so nervous for her and wanting so badly to go to the restaurant and tell them they would be crazy if they didn't hire my daughter.... (ok, you know I would never actually do that, but I was thinking it.) She went to the interview and when she got home an hour later she ran through the door screaming "THEY HIRED ME - I START MONDAY AT 1:30!!!!"  Oh my gosh - they told her she reminded them of their daughter, they introduced her to an older couple that was eating there, she was over the moon happy.  I was just nodding and hugging her and smiling and I didn't even chuckle when she told me that she would be bringing home a catalog called "Shoes for Crews" so she could pick out shoes for her uniform!  Brandon was at a friends house watching some creepy movie and she sent him a text that said, "EEP! I have a J.O.B."  We had employment brownies last night and they might have tasted better than Grade Card Pie.  I'm sure there will be stories this summer, and I was worried I might not have anything to add to this space over the next few months.
By the way - tomorrow at noon I will have a 6th grader and two High School JUNIORS living here!  EEP!

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