Saturday, May 28, 2011

long weekend

First week of summer - check.  It was a little bit crazy, some things going on that made the first week out of school not so smooth - but we've "turned the corner" and this weekend feels like we're getting back to normal, in a summer routine.
A couple of quick things
Summer reading -
Brandon (15) is reading this book and really liking it.  Maddie (also 15) is loving this one as much as I did.
School requirement this year is this one.  I'm still contemplating reading it, too.  Any thoughts?
Simon (11) is gearing up to read this with me.... it is never easy to get him to read, so we are going to try to do it together and see what we think.  And I am reading this, just started, jury is still out.  Speaking of the jury being out - Brian got summoned for local jury duty in a week and I received a summons for FEDERAL jury duty.... are you kidding me?  I hope I don't meet the criteria - is that bad?

We've had a big last few days - some things I'm OK sharing on here and some you will just have to trust me when I tell you they were big and had us all with heavy hearts and worry.  But all is good now, no worries.  Here's a peek at the highlights...

 guys night in the treehouse. burgers and ipa's.  these men are laughing as much as the kids do when they are up there with their friends.
 Cinderella VW at Art Tougeau Parade preview party downtown.

 Emmerson's ballet recital.  So sweet.
Several trips to and from Topeka this week.  The view along I 70.

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