Monday, June 27, 2011

treehouse to treehome

Last week the weather here was spectacular.  We fell asleep at night with the windows open, listening to the kids voices in the treehouse.  During that week they slept out there more nights than they slept in the house.  We could hear them through our bedroom window; laughing, getting settled and then no words, just the low mumbling of them talking. They slept late, they slept so soundly, they ate breakfast and lunch out there.  That treehouse, those summer memories.
We have a neighbor who bought the first home in this neighborhood and he has watched it grow and change over the years.  One of the mornings last week, he walked to our fence and brought me a photo of our house, taken right when it was completed.  He has been watching the treehouse out his back window for years and wanted to show us what our yard looked like when our house was first built.  No trees, except for a tiny blue spruce.  It was very strange to see our house and to think about it being anything other than our house, being occupied by anyone other than our family.  So, I think that makes this house a home and I think last week made the treehouse a treehome.

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