Friday, July 29, 2011

Floating along

The end of July, how does summer float by so quickly!  We have been going through bedrooms this week, the latest activity to beat the unbearable heat.  The kids make piles, one to go to the rummage house, one to toss and one of things they would like to be put in their memory boxes.  Earlier this week we went to my childhood home and looked through old memory boxes, my sister's and mine, my mom's and then boxes that went back for many generations.  There were old, old recipes and recipe boxes, maternity clothes from the 60's, childhood clothes that I remember wearing.  Really, nothing worth any money, but all so full of memories.  I have loved seeing what our kids have wanted to put in their boxes.  Since they were born, I have gone to the U-Haul store and bought moving boxes.  I/they usually fill one box about every 3 years, for each child.  It works great, they are easy to label and they stack in the storage room very easily.  When I went home this week, I chuckled when I saw the memory boxes in my mom's attic.... same idea, just a different era......

And one last bit from our vacation - speaking of floating away.  The kids painted wooden boats and we took them into the National Park to float them down some streams.  One of the many things I love about vacation, everyone really gets into childhood mode.  It is especially great for the youngest one, he spends a lot of time trying to keep up with the older ones, it is nice when they are on his level and loving every minute of it.  A few pics from the float.....

Waiting for it to float by

spotting it and..

following it.

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