Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Independence" Day

Monday - Independence Day.  Good friends, grilling, fireworks, boys with punks, lake swimming, laughing and cheering.

Wednesday - Independence Day.  The first kid birthday party that I had no part of.  Our twins are turning 16 in one week and last night they went to their own party that they and a dear friend planned, I mean went to it and planned it by themselves!  I remember their first birthday party, a cookout at a community park to celebrate their first trip around the sun - our first trip as parents.  We were surrounded by our support group, the people who were there for us that first year.  And now last night, them, out with their support group.  Ones they have known since Kindergarten and younger.  When they left to go I had one little gulp and then gratitude,  we had some fun, fun, fun friend birthday parties and I enjoyed every single one of them and now it's time.  Time for me to hear about them instead of witness them, and gratitude that I'm OK with that.  And when they woke this AM, their car looked like this:

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  1. Seriously? How are they already 16?!?! Please wish them a very happy birthday!


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