Monday, August 22, 2011

Dear, Lawrence.

My aunt Mary, my grandma Hammig and my mom around 1960 on a bench up at the Campanile.

The Dear  Lawrence project - please read about it here and see the photo gallery here.  There will be a show of some of the prints this Friday during Final Friday's at the Journal World Building (7th and New Hampshire in Lawrence).  The show runs from 5 - 8 and this print of mine will be quietly on display in the shadows of some really great photographers.... go take a peek, if you're around.  And while you're out and about that evening, would you like this at the Lawrence Arts Center?

And I have been waiting for Heather to open her online shop!  You'll love it!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

from Sunday night

The last weekend of summer for the last of the kids.
The first weekend of the school year for the first of the kids.
A tough balance between setting a schedule and living up the last bits.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Milo!  One of the many things that Mac taught us is that we are dog people and that this house is way too quiet without one.  So, today, on Mac's birthday... we brought little Milo into our family.  We all agree that Mac gave Milo a good dose of his calm spirit and we are sure that Mac would not have wanted another day to pass without a dog in this family.  So, here. we. go.  puppy duty...... oh but this face, seriously?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our Dear, Sweet Mac

Unfortunately, we had to put Mac to sleep today.  He fought really hard and then the last 3 days he quit eating and drinking and today he stopped moving.  We made the decision as a family and then Brian and I took him in and he went so peacefully. He had a long, full life and was a big part of the "childhood" in this family.  Watching him lying  there so peacefully made us both realize how uncomfortable he has been for months.  I know you will all understand this, when we got Mac, Simon was a newborn and I can remember thinking that he would be a teenager or very close to being a teen when it was time for Mac to leave us.  That happend in the blink of an eye - and so while I mourn the loss of a loyal, dear, sweet dog - I also mourn how quickly this childhood passed.   

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Braces on - Rainbow rubber bands on - happy with how they look.

 In other news today - our dear, sweet Mac has been really slowing down this summer.  Today we found out that he has a tumor on his right hip.  We are giving him medication and hoping it is slow growing and that we can keep him comfortable for as long as possible.  Give him a good pet the next time you see him, or just send him your good vibes.  He needs them.  It's funny, when we got Mac, Simon was a newborn and I can remember thinking that when Simon reached Middle School, Mac would be getting old and maybe near the end.  At the time that seemed like so far away, yet I can picture where I was when I thought it.   A blink of an eye and in one day - braces and a tumor.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

braces - round 3

Simon is getting braces tomorrow morning.  Tonight there was a big decision to be made, "what color rubber bands should I get?"  After a lot of team colors, school colors, favorite colors.... here is what he came up with.  The diagram is for the Orthodontist, just so there won't be any confusion.

I can't imagine you would need any de-coding, but just in case... the R is Red and then out from each side spells ROY G. BIV - Mr. Rainbow, of course.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

beating the heat.

Has it been hot where you are?  We have been steaming here, I thought I'd share a few shots of things we have been doing to beat the heat..
setting up the tent in the basement for sleepovers

vacation to a place that is still cool enough for this

cold yellow watermelon in the fridge all the time

movie nights

pool time and waterslides

finding things outside and bringing them inside just to learn about them, and then returning them outside :).
organizing, sorting and getting bedrooms ready for a new school year!

And I have been having a lot of fun looking through my mom's old photos for a project that our local newspaper is sponsoring.  Dear, Lawrence - take a look at the submitted photos here.  Scroll down the article - photo gallery is on the left side of the page. This is one that I submitted, my aunt, grandmother and mom around 1960.  Then and Now.  (this is on a bench at the Campanile, fyi)