Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our Dear, Sweet Mac

Unfortunately, we had to put Mac to sleep today.  He fought really hard and then the last 3 days he quit eating and drinking and today he stopped moving.  We made the decision as a family and then Brian and I took him in and he went so peacefully. He had a long, full life and was a big part of the "childhood" in this family.  Watching him lying  there so peacefully made us both realize how uncomfortable he has been for months.  I know you will all understand this, when we got Mac, Simon was a newborn and I can remember thinking that he would be a teenager or very close to being a teen when it was time for Mac to leave us.  That happend in the blink of an eye - and so while I mourn the loss of a loyal, dear, sweet dog - I also mourn how quickly this childhood passed.   

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  1. So sad! I remember when you got him! Sometimes the best way to love a pet is to let them go to animal heaven and be comfortable! Hugs to you all!


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