Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Full Swing.

Pre-school is back in full swing.  Every year at this time I am reminded of how brave these little ones are to even step through the door into a room full of kids and adults they don't even know.   The first month is all about routine, getting to know each other and.... remember where the bathroom is.  Yesterday a little boy was missing his mom and asked me to hold him, I picked him up and he wrapped his arms tight around my neck, his legs tight around my waist and then went potty all over me.  I didn't even flinch, I just held him for a few more seconds, then took him to the bathroom and got him cleaned up and changed.  Then, probably, the most shocking sight of the day for those kids and my co-teachers happened when I walked out of the bathroom "poured" into a size Youth Medium t-shirt I scrounged out of the paint shirt tub.
Note to self: bring some extra teacher clothes to put next to the extra kid clothes.

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