Tuesday, September 27, 2011

on my mind....

This year has hit hard at this house.  Having twins has always been hard, just a little bit "more" of all of it - the good and the bad.  For some reason, this year feels ramped up to a level where we've never been - busy, late nights, going, going, going.  There is a shift happening, they have meetings to go to that don't involve me at all, they have tests that I never even knew they were taking, tonight they left to go serve a meal at the community shelter but had to leave early to pick up a teacher whose car was broken down and called them for a ride, didn't call me, called them.  It is a delicate balance, keeping the peace, keeping the reigns as tight as they need to be, keeping informed without knowing too much and did I mention keeping the reigns..... well, also letting them be as loose as they need to be.  And on the heels of all of this, I have been seeing this article (it's long, but really worth the read)  floating around the internet lately and I am looking for these characteristics in these kids.  And along the lines of kids running and running, this movie.  I think it looks interesting, and at the risk of sounding like I'm making excuses for the busy lives of the kids in this house, I think there is a difference between kids who are running and not enjoying what they are doing and those who are truly engaged in things they feel passionate about - right?  I have it saved in Netflix, I'm looking forward to seeing it.

And the caterpillar in the picture - my rue plant is literally covered with these!  Read more about them here.

This space - I wish I could be here posting more often, I have so many things that come into my mind that I would love to share here, but it just isn't working right now.  But, the dark is coming sooner and things seem to slow down a little bit when that happens, so maybe there will be more time in the coming weeks.

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