Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We found this hiking trail right by our house!  What a treat!

Flour sifters in the sensory table at pre-school.  I thought of my Grandma Hammig all day that day.

Today one came home sick after school and he and I talked about how it was the very first day this school year that he had come straight home after school.  We have 2 weeks left of Cross Country and then there are a few weeks off before the next season starts.  I am really, really looking forward to that time.  The few weeks that we have are going to be spent getting some games out again, spending time in the basement at the card table or out in the sunroom in the evenings by the fire.  Today I added a school picture to the twins "picture things" and there is only one space left until the entire K - 12 frame is filled.... are you kidding me!    We seriously need a deep breath.

And there are college visits happening, and pumpkin patch field trips, and a young one who now goes out bike riding almost daily with friends and without a phone and I feel torn.  I love that he does not have a phone, that he leaves here and he truly LEAVES here.  It is good for him, he has to make decisions on his own, without checking with me, he is with his friends and he is WITH his friends and yet I am so used to being able to check in that it feels a little unsettling.  But the no phone outweighs the unsettled.

This story.... did you see it?

This Flickr pool - Fall Colors.

And Heather is opening sales for her personalized stationary on Monday.

I am going to TRY to post some ideas for Holiday gifts in this space.  I love finding things online that are unique and being sold by good people and I'll share them here as I find them.

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