Saturday, November 12, 2011

friday night

Two of our three cars are gone tonight, three of our three kids are gone tonight.  B and I would both like something sweet to eat but neither one of us has the energy to go out and get anything.

Habit this month.... there is a Flickr Pool here, open to anyone and the ladies at Habit choose a few each day to post.  I just love when they do this, I could spend all day looking at all the photos in the pool.

AnneBVinyl - love for friends for Christmas.  I am a big fan of the "snap trays"!  But I know you'll love most of what she has.

In the summer I usually make dinners from single ingredients, it's all so fresh that nothing really needs to be added.  But, as it gets colder and darker I start cooking things that are more involved and my favorite "go to" cookbook is Creme de Colorado from the Denver Junior League.  I also have a folder of recipes that I have collected from friends, family and I wish they were more organized and yet I love seeing all the different handwriting and scraps of papers that the recipes are written on.

And, I planted garlic this week... we'll see.

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