Monday, January 9, 2012


It's no secret that things have been spinning a little out of control at this house.  The puppy, the teenagers, work and lots of play... nothing troublesome, just the usual spinning.  I love a good word or two to think about each year,  I usually come up with a calming word, something to bring me focus.  Since I'm feeling about a lightyear away from "calming" right now, I've been struggling to come up with a theme.  For some reason today before I opened the door to my classroom, I paused and looked at the window.  I'm always rushing in, thinking about what needs to happen before the children arrive and don't REALLY pay attention.  And Aha, right there in front of me.... my words for 2012 - strength, vision. Yes, exactly what I need.  What we all need.  And look at that, the foundation around it has settled. The picture I took is straight but the door is crooked, settled in, supporting that door that is leaning a little these days and right in the core of it all is strength and vision.  That might be what I'm feeling these days, a little crooked and really depending on the foundation we have laid to hold us up through these busy days.

So - strength and vision it is for 2012!  How about you? 

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