Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Brian has been using a Palm Pilot organizer for years, we used to "beam" our events to each others calendars.  My Palm Pilot died about a year ago and his finally fizzled this month.  He asked the school district to replace it for him and they did, with an iPod Touch.  We aren't Smart Phone people, yet.  I am starting to see how convenient they are and now that all of our calendars are in sync, our e-mails are right there, right now and we have access to anything at anytime,  I can see the pros and cons.  On the one hand, if you aren't that connected you really are playing catch up most of the day.  On the other hand, I like not being so "on the grid".  I am still keeping a couple of things sacred; meals and during family time, but I can see that I might need to get at least one foot on board with the rest of the world.  I still have a year and half until my phone is available for an upgrade, who knows what will be out there by then.
Another thing - do you think all of this instant communication has kind of put the kibosh on planning ahead, or is it just a teenage thing?  It feels like we are just going along and all of sudden someone wants to be dropped off downtown in 5 minutes, getting picked up in 10 minutes.... is it the technology or the teen!  Call me crazy, but I don't remember it being like this when I was teenager..... right mom?

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