Monday, March 19, 2012

the clothesline....

Yesterday morning the boys came downstairs and said they wanted to shoot baskets.  I asked them if they could wait about 30 minutes until the sheets that were hanging on the line were dry.  They assured me it wasn't a problem, they could shoot around it.   I went about my business and a few minutes later they came in and said they were sorry, but my clothesline had fallen..... "an accident".   I just said, "Well, let's go get the wet sheets out of the mulch and then you two can grab your wallets and head to the hardware store and get me a new one, it's fine.  Thanks for letting me know."  They left, they were laughing in the car as they pulled out of the driveway and I thought that something seemed suspicious.  I had let it go, they hung the new one and the wet sheets and it was over.  Fast forward to the evening.... I heard uproarious laughter coming from the the two of them hovered over Brandon's phone and when I snuck in the "huddle" to see what was so funny......  this video, footage of "the accident".

Monday, March 12, 2012

Selection Sunday

This group of boys.... or as Maddie calls them, "tweens".  They were at our house yesterday afternoon to fill out brackets, eat chili dogs (and then make wiener jokes), play an intense 3 on 3 tournament in the backyard and eat some more.  It always amazes me how boys have conflicts and they get resolved as quickly as they get started.  I have learned to let it happen, not get involved, keep a watchful eye but not be a part of the solution unless it is really necessary.