Sunday, March 30, 2014

Take aways from this weekend.  B loves turning 50, his birthday candles are propped on the kitchen window sill as a constant reminder.   My oldest son still needs my advice on the big things.  I have never had so much laundry that isn't finished as I do right now.  A bouquet of tulips can change my whole mood.  Milo snores, loudly.  I think I am good at my job but I am really nervous about an evaluation I have this week.  I still don't like scary shows.  

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Brian turns 50 Monday.  We had friends over last night to celebrate.  50 years of photos…. photos of good people, supportive people and memories of all kinds.  As we sat at dinner people would pick up a photo and ask about it or comment on it.  It was a very easy way for all of us to get a peek into the last 50 years, there was deep belly laughing, sweet stories and some looks that he had that only I knew were looks of a little sadness… missing someone, something or some time.  But isn't that great?  Wouldn't you rather miss those things than look back and think that you are happy it is over?  So the missing is good, too.  We were cleaning this morning and he looked in the sink before I took this photo and smiled and said, "50 years down the drain".

I found this today and love it.