Thursday, April 24, 2014

April Showers

Halfway through my spinning class at 5:30 this morning the rain started.  Here is what went through my mind:
* I have to walk the dog, he is going to be so muddy and wet and gross.
*Simon got to bed late and he is going to be tired and getting him up is going to be miserable.
*I didn't wear my glasses to class and now I have to drive home in rain and I'm probably going to wreck or hit a runner or something.
*My dryer is broken and I have to hang clothes on the line and now I can't today.
*I bet the basement is flooding…..

Then I turned it around, I remembered what it felt like when the kids were all little and I didn't have to wake them.  I would get my coffee and sit in the sunroom and let them sleep.  They would get up one by one and come down to the sunroom and we would slowly start our day.  Often we would open all of the windows in the sunroom and sit out there and just listen to the rain pour, then as it would let up we would listen to the birds start to sing.  I spent the last half of my ride remembering those days, picturing it in my head and feeling so thankful that I had that time.  I got home and Simon was awake and happy to see me.  We even had about 5 minutes to sit in the sunroom and listen to the rain.  He didn't sit on my lap, that would be weird.  But, I did see that same little boy in his face and eyes.

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