Monday, April 21, 2014

finding their friend groups

We have 3 kids, each of them have very different personalities but all of them have the same moral character.  This isn't easy to explain, but I am going to try because I hope someday they will read this and know that I got it.   I know that they never judge their friends or the decisions that their friends make.  I know that they have set a standard for their own decision making and have to navigate their social lives based on those choices.  They seek out kids who make the same decisions as they do and, thankfully, they have been very successful in that search.  The interesting part is how different their friend groups are from each other.  One has a group of quiet, builders, nature lovers, thinkers, technology lovers, hang out in small numbers, non-competitive sports.  Another has surrounded herself with funny, family first, loyal, listen to music, socially conscious, go for coffee and talk for hours friends. The third has active, social, gross motor skills, completive athletes, fast paced, high volume, high risk friends.  They have found their people, the ones who will support what is at their core.  What it means for me is that I have met three very different sets of parents.  I can't say that I would choose one set over the other, I have the unique opportunity to make friends with people of all walks of life.  Friends who I probably wouldn't seek out on my own had we not been thrown together by our kids.  It also means that we get to create a house that is a welcome spot for three very different sets of kids.  In about a month the older ones will be home and this place will be really busy again.  There will be kids in the treehouse, the basement, the kitchen, the backyard……  stay tuned.

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