Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

This year was the 18th year I have been a mom on Mother's Day.  This year was the 1st year that I was without two of my three kids.  The twins are away at college.  I was dreading this, wondering if I would wake up and feel sad.  Wondering if Simon would feel like he had to overcompensate.  Worrying that I would feel sad and Simon would then feel like he wasn't good enough - he always knows how I am feeling just by looking at me.  Here is how it played out…. 3 days ago a package came in the mail from Maddie and it said not to open until Mother's Day.  Yesterday I walked by the front door and there was a box from Pro Flowers - a beautiful bouquet of tulips from Brandon, with the nicest card.  One line in the card said he thought of me every day and wondered what I was doing.  Today I opened Maddie's package and she had a necklace engraved with two words "I'm Lucky".  When the kids were younger I would wake them up by singing this Red Grammar Song - I'm Lucky to them.  I won't leave the room until I hear them say the word "Lucky" at the appropriate time.
I'm "Lucky", spending my life with you.
I'm "Lucky", you know we're going to see it through.
I'm "Lucky", no-one has a smile like you.
I'm "Lucky", spending my life with you.
Some mornings I say "I'mmmmmmmm"…………… wait, wait, wait.  Start over, "I'mmmmmmm"  "lucky".
They would hide their heads in the covers, under pillows, grumble, yell.  They would get so mad.

So the older two are gone this year and they both were so thoughtful.  Brandon always gets me flowers for the window box he built me that hangs on the treehouse, this year the flowers came in a box to my front door.  Maddie, letting me know that she remembers and knows now how nice it is to have your mom wake you up in the morning.  So I started the week wondering how it would feel and ended up having the best Mother's Day ever.

And the one who is still here got to be in charge this year. He got to be the one who did everything today to make moms feel special, unload the dishwasher, walk the dog, treat me.  All by himself, he didn't have to share any of the hugs or praise.  And he presented me with the most beautiful artwork that he made in school.  It is hanging above the sink, proudly!  And tomorrow morning when I have to get him up for school, he will dive under the covers and be furious that he has to answer "Lucky".

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